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New search tool for trends: Hot Trends by Google Trends

May 24th, 2007 by

Dealing with marketing research, I find myself using google trends quite often. Google trends provides relative search volume for different phrases as they were searched in google (although you can’t receive the exact search volume – you do get a relative trends volume, you can compare phrases and get their trends from different source of users by language, region, city).

Google trends recently launched a new tool – Hot Trends: Using this tool – one can get a list of the current top-100 fastest-rising search trends (currently – in the US only), refreshed several times daily, using data from millions of Google Web searches conducted.

The hottest 100 trend search for today – may 24, 2007 on Google’s Hot trends were:


By clicking on a trend (let’s take the most searched one for today: ”american idol winner”) you can observe it’s related search (dancing with the stars champions, ohno, dancing with the stars winners, idol spoiler, idol blog), it’s graph over time and it’s observed peak (10 hours ago). You can also find articles and blogs dealing with the trend.


As I see it, google has provided us with a unique trend spotting tool, a trend discovery system for those of us who are interested with up-to-date data concerning web users interests and needs.

About Hot Trends

With Hot Trends, you can see a snapshot of what’s on the public’s collective mind by viewing the fastest-rising searches for different points of time. You can see a list of the current top 100 fastest rising search queries in the U.S. You can also select a recent day in history to see what the top rising searches were and what the search activity looked like over the course of that day. Hot Trends is updated several times a day.

How does Hot Trends work?

Hot Trends are a reflection of what people are searching for on Google today. Rather than showing the most popular searches overall, which would always be generic terms like “weather”, Hot Trends highlights searches that have suddenly gained popularity. Google’s algorithm analyzes millions of web searches that have been performed on Google and displays those searches that are deviating the most from their historic traffic pattern. For each search, Hot Trends shows related searches, a search volume graph, and the top cities. It also display news, blog and web results to help give context about why a search may be appearing on the Hot Trends list today.

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41 Responses

  1. Rumors, News, Truemors Says:

    […] heard that Google launched a new tool for trends: Hot Trends no score link spread News 6 minutes ago byresearchio […]

  2. Viktor Prochazka Says:

    Hi Taly,

    maybe a stupid a question… but how does HotTrends know that it’s US is it like an IP deal, or does it just take what people look for at and not for instance

  3. Shanna Swendson Says:

    A glance at today’s list of trends gives me the impression that a major use of Google is for solving the New York Times crossword puzzle. I recognized phrases from many of the clues in the puzzle I’d completed just before I looked at this. I checked back a few days and saw that this was still the case. Amusing.

  4. Peter P. Says:

    It was interesting to see how the Sopranos dominated almost all the top searches yesterday.
    If you use Google Hot-Trends regularly you might be interested in the hot-trends gadget. Just click on “Add Stuff” from your google home page and search for “hot-trends”.

  5. » Blog Archive » hot trends: Harry Potter hotter than iPhone on release day? (revisedTrendsspotting) Says:

    […] Harry Potter’s? 7th book made it nicely on google Hot Trends on its day of release . Being the last in the series, and having the mystery surrounding this worldwide hero – made it a real hot search (most common searches were: “does Harry Potter die”, “Harry Potter ending” – reaching number 15 out of 100 searches in the USA – see graph 1). The way I see it, from a trends and communication perspective – it did help? Harry Potter to be leaked to the net (intentionally??? ). I was curious enough to try compare Harry Potter to iPhone on its released day. Turns out that one of the most powerful technology trends is not? much ahead (search wise) culture symbols and cross age? idols as Harry Potter. (iPhone reached number 10 30? on USA Hot Trends in the day of its release, see graph 2). In analogy to Harry – Imagine this? hot trend search: will iphone die? […]

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    Turns out that one of the most powerful technology trends is not? much ahead (search wise) culture symbols and cross age? idols as Harry Potter.heard that Google launched a new tool for trends: Hot Trends no score link spread News 6 minutes ago byresearchio

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  37. only12 Says:

    Sydney, Australia a nursing home 18 by dre headphoneThe police 26, said the fire has left 10 people died.A former nurse will face murder charges.A 87-year-old male old man local time 25 evening died in the beats by dre18 the fire caused dozens of the old and the infirm residents near by dre headphonePolice issued a statement saying that “three elderly residents in fire death.””There are seven other families in Sydney hospital for treatment of injury has passed away.”A 35 year old male nurse was charged with eight counts of murder, the police did not rule out additional again other charges.

  38. only12 Says:

    Japan FuDaoXian government 1,cheap beats by dre a staff meeting held, gather, and published in the next 10 years in the east Japan earthquake and f island nuclear accident restoration and reconstruction of the draft plan work.The draft recommended “building do not depend on the sustainable development of nuclear energy society” the basic idea,monster headphone asked the central government and Tokyo electric power company scrap all 10 reactors in the county.

    FuDaoXian government will in future residents to listen to opinions later this month,dr dre headphone a formal decision.

    The focus of the draft projects including: radiation decontamination, promote the world’s first offshore wind power station float postures renewable energy, a radiology developed area, etc.

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    Maybe,beats by dre headphone it comes from the Asian presence or not too used to Britain’s “Christmas dinner”, in order to eat the meat as soon as possible, flurried of his own he was stuck in the box, no matter how to struggle and shaking, and still it hard to shake off the subject “spell mask”.

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    Second, planning to social and economic power influenced, Oregon coast lines nuclear power by dre headphone

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    Four, Europe debt crisis spread, the Japanese yen appreciation refresh beats by dre

    Five, the Japanese women won the World Cup.

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    Seven, the group, truth lesson plans an end, 13 people were sentenced to death.

    Eight, Japan’s Supreme Court ruled the house election in 2009 of “one votes (the weight of each votes difference) is unconstitutional. Nine, big state sumo for spring events” false “” scandal, 25 people were cancelled sumo world QuanTui. Ten, defense industry and government agencies by computer hackers attack.

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