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what makes you a hard core cyber? (update)

May 11th, 2007 by

Reading the questions asked in the PEW survey (see cyberspace-shapers-questioner.pdf)– makes me wonder. Are those the right questions? Can these question really characterize those who are deeply committed, deeply involved?
It came to my mind that a qualitative profile for web 2.0 users has not yet been suggested. Actually – so much has been written about the “platform”, so little about those who are part of it.
If you fall under this category (see the PEW results) I will be grateful to receive your spontaneous reaction. It can be funny or serious, what ever comes to your mind. I will post a summary according to your comments. This initiative, based on free association, might be the first step toward a descriptive – qualitative analysis of users.     

Here are few reactions I gathered:
Mine: “connecting to the net on a weekend night (weekend night for me was always separated from the rest of the week)”
Nizan: “I plan on a 2 minutes e-mail. It ends up with few hours – no time awareness.”
Eli: “I’m out of work/home – I see a computer – can I avoid it?”

According to Guy Kawasaki (received by e-mail): “People with too much time getting
together to waste each other’s.”

What say you? What makes you a web 2.0 hard core user?

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8 Responses

  1. jardy Says:

    here is mine:
    i cannot go to sleep without checking my blog’s stats.

  2. Vik Says:

    Hey I’ve read all the stuff related to this and I must say by the questionnaire I qualify deeply to be hard-core cyber… but yet I don’t feel like it? I mean I feel like a normal user of tech-stuff… I know some people that I would say are cyber-freak and I guess I’m miles away from these guys. So I kind of miss some scaling in the research… which is maybe that it was done almost purely quantitatively… what do you think?

  3. caroll Says:

    i sometimes don’t brush my teeth in the morning before checking up mails, comments, stats…

  4. Viktor Prochazka Says:

    Well that is normal though, I also first check mails and before sleep check stats, but that is plain normal I think is it not?

  5. james dipadua Says:

    i definitely agree that there’s no scale within the web2.0 user base.

    but at the same time, compared to people who are not “in it”, it’s not necessary for a scale because the difference between core users is muted when it’s a difference between core and non-core users, at least from my perspective.

  6. Syven Says:

    The word “hard core” means one is taking life way too seriously. “Hard Core” is only one step away from fanaticism, two steps from terrorism and three steps from therapy at the local funny farm.

    What makes the Web, Web Squared (because I think software numbering systems are a silly form of version control), is simple incredulous narcissism. Moving from Web Squared to Web Cubism requires us to understand more than just Socrates maxim “know thyself” but also “know thyweb”.

    Ultimately what makes Web 2.0 different to Web 1.0 is that it is simply a graduation of Web 1.0 which is speak no evil, Web 2.0 hear no evil and eventually Web 3.0 which is see no evil.

    I am looking forward to Web 4.0 which is a collective synergy of speak good, hear good and see good. Yet so long as the human race continues to be backwardly compatible to the 20th Century and ancient legacy systems, we will be stuck in the idiosyncratic karma of Web 2.0 for a long recycled time, which is great news for imagination destroying video production and the serendipitous future of vegetated video soup.

    Einstein simply followed light as his thought experiment, I just follow my expression. The difference is obvious, Einstein is dead, I am still typing (of course I say that touching the wood of meaningless superstition).

    One day I will discover that Web 2.0 was simply relativity disguised as a theory of general narcissism.

    And yes…One day the keyboard will disappear and replaced by a verbal commands, and on that day my fingers will become useless little sticks that protrude from my formerly human hand.


  7. » Blog Archive » web 2.0 hard core cyber - video + quizTrendsspotting Says:

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  8. Mary Nears Says:

    It’s replaced my tv set.

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